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A fond farewell

This is the FINAL edition of Community Pulse.

More reflections on the arc of the pandemic

This is the second-to-last edition of Community Pulse. The final edition will air next Wednesday, June 9.

Goodbye, Ginny, and thank you for everything!

Ginny Chadwick reflects on the past year of co-hosting Community Pulse. Today was her last time hosting the program, and from now on Community Pulse will air only on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. with host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann. Thank you, Ginny!

Frontline perspective

Co-host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann speaks with Dr. Erik Martin, an emergency room physician who has worked in New York, Missouri, Oklahoma, and the Southwest US during this pandemic.

Vaccine sharks

Co-host Ginny Chadwick speaks to Hannah Green, a vaccine shark. Vaccine sharks keep their eyes peeled for vaccine opportunities and help connect members of the community to these vaccine opportunities. Sharks currently receive about 10 requests per day from people who want resources on accessing a vaccine.

Vaccine side effects and complications

Dr. Allemann discusses vaccine side effects and complications, and in particular the blood clots associated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Vaccine questions

Co-host Dr. Allemann speaks with Sarah Davis, a local midwife who has a Masters degree in public health.

B117 variant of COVID-19

Co-host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann discusses the B117 variant of COVID-19, which is now the most common strain in the US. It is associated with youth sports, child care, and young adults, and outbreaks in 4 states are driving numbers up in the US. Those who are unvaccinated (70% of the population) are nearly 100 times as likely to be affected. B117 is more contagious, and also likely to be more lethal.

Snodgrass and schools

Ginny Chadwick speaks to Jeanne Snodgrass, who was just elected to serve a three-year term on the Columbia Board of Education.

COVID challenges continue

Co-host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann discusses an increase in COVID cases worldwide, plus how to navigate the challenges of securing a vaccine, and caring for your wellbeing after you get one.

Adventures in vaccination

Co-host Ginny Chadwick speaks to Dr. Angie Hull, a public policy professor, who took an adventure to rural Missouri to snag a coveted Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Post-vaccination infection

Dr. Allemann discusses preventing the spread of COVID-19 through proper recovery from infection and through vaccination, as well as the importance of addressing the pandemic globally. She also answers a listener question about indoor room air filters.

Vaccine access for disproportionately affected populations

Host Ginny Chadwick speaks with Natalia Prats, director of The Language Tree in Columbia, about the effects of the pandemic on child care facilities, the new city order, and the next phase including disproportionately affected populations.

Legislative update with Rep. Martha Stevens

Host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann is joined by Rep. Martha Stevens, D-Columbia, to discuss the working environment in the state capitol, vaccine distribution, Medicaid expansion, and other legislation that relates to public health.

Grassroots organizing for vaccine access

Host Ginny Chadwick speaks with grassroots organizers about their strategies to increase vaccine access and awareness around the state.

Local case numbers increasing, vaccines available for Tier 3

Host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann discusses access to testing in Mid-Missouri, increases in statewide case counts over the past week, Tier 3 opening up for vaccinations, and more.

Grassroots efforts to increase vaccine access

Host Ginny Chadwick is joined by creator of the national Vaccine Spotter website, Nick Muerdter. They discuss the difficulties many people face while navigating when, where, and how to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as how Muerdter aggregates data about vaccine appointments around the country.

Mid-Missouri vaccine updates

Dr. Elizabeth Allemann offers the latest updates about vaccine distribution and access around the state.

Cheering through the pandemic

Host Ginny Chadwick speaks with Karley Blakemore and Emily Abadir Cheer Captains for Hickman High School Cheerleading to discuss how they've safely worked through challenges posed by the pandemic. The Missouri Student Athletic Association prohibited the cheerleaders from stunting with masks on, so Karley and Emily recently competed in a national competition remotely to keep everyone safe.

Understanding the newest COVID-19 vaccine

Host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann offers a review of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, including when it is expected to arrive in Missouri.

Global Vaccine Development and Distribution

Host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann is joined by Caroline Casey, lead analyst for Airfinity's COVID-19 team. Airfinity is a science information and analytics company that has been tracking the development and distribution of vaccines on a global scale since the start of the pandemic.

Missouri Teacher of the Year recipient discusses prioritizing teachers for vaccines

Host Ginny Chadwick is joined by Melissa “Misty” Grandel, the 2020 Missouri Teacher of the Year from Fordland School District. Along with the past five recipients of the Teacher of the Year award, Ms. Grandel recently sent a letter to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams urging the prioritization of teachers for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mid-Missouri Vaccine Information Hubs

Host Ginny Chadwick is joined by Mirra Greenway to discuss the barriers, successes, and overall processes Mid-Missourians undergo to access the COVID-19 vaccine. Mirra is a local health coach and wellness navigator specializing in senior clients.

Finding the best performing face mask

Host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann offers the latest information about the most effective mask technologies and how to improve the performance of commonly used masks. Dr. Allemann is joined by Sarah Davis, a local midwife with a Master's Degree in Public Health, who currently works to reduce barriers to COVID-19 testing.

Tracking COVID-19 data in Columbia Public Schools

Host Ginny Chadwick is joined by April Ferrao, parent community student advocate in Columbia, to discuss the data she collects focused on school age COVID-19 cases in Boone County and Columbia Public Schools.

The difficulty in comparing SARS-CoV2 vaccines

Host Dr. Elizabeth Allemann discusses the pitfalls of comparing the different SARS-CoV2 vaccines with each other. Such comparisons are difficult to make because available vaccines haven’t been compared with each other in randomized, double-blinded studies. Also, the conditions under which the different vaccines were tested vary and substantial clinical data regarding each vaccine's efficacy against specific COVID-19 variants is lacking.